by Alex Durham


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Alex Durham is a writer, editor, and visual artist from the east coast. She studied words and theatre at Ithaca College (’19) and has been published in States of Mind and ZoetIC magazines. More often than not, Alex can be found curating playlists on Spotify. Find her online at alexdurham.net.


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What surprising, fascinating stuff can you tell us about the origin, drafting, and/or final version of “Mirrors”?

Surprising stuff about the origins of this piece? Some of the images—the ones of the house and my friend—were taken months before I knew I would have to grieve. When I did the shoots, I was definitely preparing for something, but I had no idea when that something would arrive or what shape it would take.

The project took on a life of its own after I went home for my aunt’s funeral. I’ve never known how to grieve or be vulnerable in a way other than art, so those five stages—denial, anger, etc.—I processed on the page. Photo editing, formatting, writing, rewriting, rewriting. These were my stages. 
This piece is dedicated to Kimberlee.


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