Matter Press cares for compressed forms. Matter Press will publish prose poetry and compressed fiction print chapbooks. Look for The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts to publish one compressed something online each week. Somethings will likely include (very) tiny fictions, non-fictions, poems, and visual works of art. Matter Blog will feature happenings of compression, decompression, and informal expression as often as is personally possible.

Why do we care for compressed forms? We believe that something very small can add up to something very big, as in the compressed moment of the big bang. We are all small people, made from small pieces. Some small people collapse compression down to insignificance. Some creation needs significant compression. Some creation needs the big to become small, chaos to tighten, enormity to entertain the size of one mind. Very tiny work matters. We want to think about why. We want to think through compression.

Let it be known, Matter Press and FlashFiction.Net are the closest of friends. Matter Press and The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts also provide opportunities for Rosemont College MFA in Creative Writing and MA in Publishing degree candidates; that being said, articles contained in Matter Press and The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts and the opinions expressed within them do not necessarily represent the official policies of Rosemont College. Letters to the editor or other communications regarding the contents of Matter Press may be sent here: Randall Brown.

Founder & Managing Editor: Randall Brown


Matter Press recently released titles from Meg Boscov, Abby Frucht, Robert McBrearty, Tori Bond, Kathy Fish, and Christopher Allen. Click here.

Matter Press is now offering private flash fiction workshops and critiques of flash fiction collections here.