A Pocket Guide To Flash Fiction


Written by Matter Press’s founder and managing editor Randall Brown (here is his CV), A Pocket Guide to Flash Fiction [ISBN: 0983792852} provides NOT the way to write flash fiction, but SOME ways to make your writing flash! Contents include the following:

What is Flash
Flash Craft
Flash in a Single Scene
Flash in a Series of Scenes
Monomythic Flash
Episodic Flash
Counterpointed Flash
Defamiliarized Flash
Prose Poemy Flash

The Pocket Guide also includes articles and flashes from various writers including Pamela Painter, Quinn Dalton, Dan Holt, Pen Campbell, Brady Udall, Sean Lovelace, Myfanwy Collins, Kathy Fish, Carol Guess, and Jeff Landon.

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Matter Press recently released titles from Meg Boscov, Abby Frucht, Robert McBrearty, Tori Bond, Kathy Fish, and Christopher Allen. Click here.

Matter Press is now offering private flash fiction workshops and critiques of flash fiction collections here.


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