The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts is currently open to poetry, prose fiction, and creative nonfiction submissions. We publish (very) tiny, compressed prose creations of 600 words or less. We use Submishmash for all submissions. We value form, character, and words that fit to both.  Experimentation is interesting. Experimentation for the sake of appearing experimental is less interesting. We like close reading and close writing.  We like to feel what we read before we understand. Again, submissions are now open and will close on June 15 2015.

We are especially looking for submissions in our brand new category: triptychs. First, it might make sense to check out our example triptychs:

Ghost Town


So, we are looking for something similar. A three-columned submission, with the piece itself in the center column. We prefer the surrounding columns to be used in a way similar to the examples, kind of like those pop-ups in music videos. However, you can use the columns for anything you would like, but we would like there to be a singular creative piece and for that to be placed in the center column. That creative piece should be a one paragraph creative nonfiction or fiction piece (neither longer than 300 words) or a single stanza poem (not to exceed 10 lines or 75 words).

Please format the submission as a 3-column Microsoft Word document. It will be translated into a PDF and then into a JPG—and it will appear as a smaller image that can be clicked on to get the full sized triptych. As with our other submissions, we will pay $50 for an accepted triptych.

We are also looking for visual arts projects that incorporate the idea of compressed text into the work. We are especially interested in a series of visual arts pieces that can be published once a week over a period of a month or several months. We pay in the range of $50 – $100 for the rights to publish such a series. We might also be interested in purchasing the pieces outright. Please let us know in a cover letter if the pieces are available for purchase and the asking price. Please submit the visual arts series/project, if possible, as a single PDF document. If your project is chosen for publication, we will be requesting the individual files (.jpg or .tiff). Please submit your work here.