by Douglas W. Milliken


The easiest and by far most satisfying way of infuriating the Pigeon Queen was simply to call her Mom. It didn’t even need to be intentional, it could just slip out—Mom—and she’d completely come unglued.


Douglas W. Milliken is the author of two novels, To Sleep as Animals and Our Shadows’ Voice (forthcoming 2019), the collection *Blue of the World*, and several chapbooks, including The Opposite of Prayer. He lives with his family above a post-industrial dam on the Saco River. www.douglaswmilliken.com


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I’ve always loved the whispered aside. Everyone’s attention is focused on one thing, then the person beside you leans in to deliver into your ear alone a hidden truth about the unfolding scene. Which makes the scene, then, superfluous. It’s the whisper that’s the secret center now.


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