Dream of the Bright, Wet Lawn

by Steven Ostrowski


Some say dandelions
spoil the lawn. Maybe.
Until you get right up

Isn’t it a mistake
to break your back
over something
that grows so sun-colored
and keeps coming back?

Lay down in the wet bladed green
amid the wavy yellow faces
and have a daydream is what I say.
I say lay down and
overgrow your stay.


Steven Ostrowski is a poet, fiction writer, and painter. His work appears in literary journals, magazines and anthologies. He is the author of five chapbooks — four of poems and one of stories. He and his son Ben Ostrowski are the authors of a full-length collaboration called Penultimate Human Constellation published in 2018 by Tolsun Books. His chapbook, After the Tate Modern, won the 2017 Atlantic Road Prize and is published by Island Verse Editions. He teaches at Central Connecticut State University.


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What surprising, fascinating stuff can you tell us about the origin, drafting, and/or final version of “Dream of the Bright, Wet Lawn”?

“Dream of the Bright, Wet Lawn,” in its original form was one of a series of poems in a chapbook-sized volume I am calling Rainlight Meditations. People seem to want to rid their lawns of dandelions, and truth be told, I’ve tried to do the same. But I always secretly wondered what was wrong with them, and found them beautiful. On another scale, the poem seems to be about staying around to try to understand those things in our lives that persistently appear. Finally, earlier versions of the poem used fewer internal and slant rhymes.


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