Succulent Sunday: The Question

Photo by Meg Boscov

[Editor’s Note: This ongoing Sunday feature pairs photographs from Meg Boscov with a thought (or two) from the managing editor about focusing on tiny things to find something significant. Click on the picture itself to view at full size.]



“Look deep into nature,” Einstein said, “and you will understand everything better.” Each Sunday, Meg Boscov’s camera takes that deep dive, discovering the remarkable, the unfamiliar, the transcendent.


In “Oven Bird,” Robert Frost ends with this question: “What to make of a diminished thing?” Is Frost’s poem the answer? Is the photograph above another answer? How might compressed creative arts—such as flash fiction—also answer that question? The diminished thing in Frost’s poem might be the world itself, the highway dust over all, humanity’s rise coinciding with Nature’s decline. But we also capture something of Nature that would not be present without us, something beyond the words we’ve created to describe it, something captured in that photo above. Can you capture it? That is today’s challenge from the succulents.



Meg Boscov lives and works outside of Philadelphia where she continues to pursue her careers in animal-assisted education & dog training, along with her burgeoning interests in photography & gardening.




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