CNF: On the Edge

by Casey Cromwell

[Editor’s Note: Click on the triptych below—and then click on it again in its new window—to view it at full size.]

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Casey Cromwell has published poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction in PLNU’s Literary Magazine, winning first place for creative nonfiction during her freshman and junior years. She also writes a successful blog (caseythecollegeceliac.blogspot.com), has guest posted for Further Food and San Diego Writers, Ink and has published pieces in Eunoia Review and Down in the Dirt Magazine. She is currently a senior writing major at Point Loma Nazarene University.

What surprising, fascinating stuff can you tell us about the origin, drafting, and/or final version of “On the Edge”?

A fun fact about “On the Edge” is that I actually started writing it while riding a stationary bike in my college gym! I thought of the last line first, particularly through the lens of the recent breakup between my boyfriend and I. Once I connected my breakup with my grandfather’s passing freshman year, I knew that I could use my college’s setting – the cliffs – to weave these two losses together. I didn’t originally intend to use a triptych form, but the more I played with it, the more I realized that the facts added another layer of meaning to the piece. Not too shabby for writing that I first typed out on my phone!


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