by Ana Prundaru

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Ana Prundaru is a Romanian-born translator, writer and visual artist. She recently contributed to Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Thrice Fiction, DIAGRAM and elsewhere. Visit her at

What surprising, fascinating stuff can you tell us about the origin, drafting, and/or final version of “Transient”?

    I wrote “Transient” as a response to the Paris terrorist attacks of 2015. In the poem, a fateful event irrevocably links the lives of two strangers, while a wife is waiting for her husband to come home. On one hand, the poem describes two immediate reactions to tragedy: denial and search for meaning after a traumatic event; both of which cab be experienced concurrently. On the other hand, the individuals in the poem elucidate the duality of social unity and individual frailty, paradoxically forging a stronger appreciation for life.
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