There Is No Simple Approval

by Mx. Glass


Microsoft Word - Mx__Glass-_There_is_No_Simple_Approval_.doc

[Editor’s Note: Click on the triptych for a full view.]

Mx. Glass lives in the East Bay and has recently graduated from the Creative Writing BA program at San Francisco State University. Xyr current project is to examine different modes of haunting in our society, such as gender, cultural norms, and language. Xe’s recent features include Burningword Literary Journal and The Window Lit-Mag.

What challenges did you find in the process of creating the triptych—and how did you rise to meet them?

    I’d say the hardest part of creating the triptych was the process of manipulating its conventions that were set up in the guidelines. I was particularly interested in the idea of pop-up commentary, since it reminded me of that awful TV show Blind Date. I wanted my speaker to directly address that snarky internal dialogue one has when formulating their first impression—while simultaneously playing with, and adhering to, the structure these two voices are enveloped within. The addition of superscripts and a numbered list to the “commentaries” was a huge help in mixing up the structure.
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