Still Life

by M.E. Parker


[Editor’s Note: Click on the triptych for a full view.]

M.E. Parker is a writer, an editor, web designer, and a carpenter who imagines a world of wooden computers with leather bound keyboards. His short fiction has come up for air in numerous print publications and Internet haunts. He is the founding Editor of Camera Obscura Journal of Literature & Photography.

What challenges did the triptych provide you—and how did you meet
them (or not)?

Because the two additional panels provide so much opportunity (and temptation) to add dimension, the biggest challenge for me was to narrow down the entries to sidestep overwhelming the centerpiece and also to avoid redundancy between the story and the alternate panels. I wrote quite a few panel entries that did not make the final cut, aiming for unity with variety. Of course, any time you can wiggle the Ramones into a piece, I guess something is going right.


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