Mme Kupka Among the Verticals

by Amber Sparks

Microsoft Word - Amber_Sparks-Mme_Kupka_Among_the_Verticals.doc

[Editor’s Note: Click on the triptych for a full view.]

Amber Sparks is the author of the short story collection May We Shed These Human Bodies, and co-author of the hybrid text The Desert Places, with Robert Kloss and Matt Kish. You can find her on Twitter at @ambernoelle most days.

What do you think of the challenge(s) of the triptych?

I think the main difficulty in creating a triptych is keeping the pieces connected without making them too explain-y. They should, I think, each have their own solid, standalone existence while simultaneously enhancing and creating mystery in the other pieces. To me that’s a big balancing act, but that’s why I love it — the challenge is exciting.


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