July 4th

by Lucinda Kempe

Kempe.July 4th.2

[Editor’s Note: Click on the triptych for a full view.]

Lucinda Kempe lives in an Arts & Crafts house on Long Island and exorcises with words.

How did creating the triptych inform your own understanding of the piece?

    Creating the triptych was a blast. The idea of dissecting the language and imagery led me to the universals in the piece: fireworks, independence, war, militants, destruction, disruption, holidays, cats, a good night’s sleep, peace, etc. By googling July 4th, I found a mother lode of fascinating facts, some of which relate to America but also to the world beyond and are no less germane. This was a great exercise in examining the meaning and redolence of the language I’d used. Beyond telling me I’d chosen a good subject, the triptych made me examine the resonance and scope of the subject matter I had written about. Further, it told me that all my work should be able to stand up to such scrutiny and be of similar scope and resonance. (Secretly, I thought, Gee, this is a pretty good piece!)
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