by Lin Wang

sometimes there is an itch for poetry:
      slight breeze between silver bells
      hopeful tangles left undone
      soft arcs on creased pages

but mostly
      green skies, horizons bare
      of calligraphy, horsehair clouds
      pooling in unknown characters

today, i write
      of ghost breath and intuition
      the peeled skin of family
      a leaf forgetting its roots

Lin Wang’s work has been nationally and internationally recognized by organizations like YoungArts, Scholastic, and the New Zealand Poetry Society. She recently took 1st in Gannon University’s poetry contest. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in literary magazines such as inscape, Cadence, and Ice divider: New Zealand’s Poetry Anthology of 2011. She edits the online literary magazine, The Sandstar Review. A graduate of the Alabama School of Fine Arts, Lin attends the University of Alabama. She dreams best in June and writes best in October.

What are you seeking through poetry? I seek connection and a sense of beauty through poetry; I seek to capture the small feelings that grip you when you sit quietly, thinking and remembering—writing down words that evoke something timeless and tranquil. I seek a way to describe the way the world works, the way humans are: terrible and beautiful, sadness consumed by lofty aspirations. To me, poetry is an art of connection, an art that doesn’t pretend to have answers. It searches. It asks. It finds answers. Poetry is always seeking something, and I seek to give that impulse voice.

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