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Randall Brown is the author of the award-winning flash fiction collection Mad to Live (Flume Press 2008). He teaches at and directs Rosemont College's MFA in Creative Writing Program. His short and very short fiction has been published widely, and his essay "Making Flash Count" appears in The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction: Tips from Editors, Teachers, and Writers in the Field (Rose Metal Press 2009). He will also be appearing in the forthcoming Norton Anthology of "hint fiction."

Flash Is a Machine of Compression

If I had to fill in the blank for flash–flash is a machine of [blank]–I’d say that it’s a machine of compression. What exactly does that mean, then, for the flash writer? Continue reading

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4. a particular kind of substance

It is a particular kind of writing, and figuring out the particulars is part of the fun of writing in any form, included compressed ones. Continue reading

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3. matter: occupies space

This is the third in a series. Previous posts looked at matter as the substance and matter as physical substance. This third definition of matter says, perhaps, that something matters because it has the ability to occupy space. Continue reading

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2. matter: physical substance

Part 2 in a series that looks at the various definitions of “matter” and how each might apply to compressed creative arts. Here, what begins with the physical ends with the Belly of the Whale, Star Wars, and the spiritual. Continue reading

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1. matter: the substance

First in a series of posts that look at the varied definitions of MATTER and how those definitions might relate to the creation of compressed creative arts. Continue reading

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