Other Household Toxins

Shipping now from Matter Press is the first flash collection from Christopher Allen, the fiercely funny and honest OTHER HOUSEHOLD TOXINS. Available at Amazon or by clicking the PayPal button below.

Christopher Allen’s flash fiction collection OTHER HOUSEHOLD TOXINS blends the hard and the soft, humor and grit, from, as Michelle Elvy writes, broke-down to disoriented to absurd.” OTHER HOUSEHOLD TOXINS could “well serve as a flash fiction primer,’ says Kathy Fish. The “stories are smart, fresh, and deeply moving.” Michelle Elvy similarly sees “in this powerful collection,” stories that “reveal glimpses of our own humanity,” flash fiction that “becomes a gentle means of revealing knotted realities.” This flash collection, as Sara Lippmann writes, “blends the personal with the fantastical to forge…[a] remarkable mythology.” “These stories,” writes Robert Vaughan, “are convincing, touching portraits of the marginalized. This collection is among the most densely imagined, ingeniously constructed and finely mature works of fiction.”

Christopher Allen’s short fiction has garnered acclaim from Glimmer Train, SmokeLong Quarterly, Literal Latte, Indiana Review, and others. He is also the author of Conversations with S. Teri O’Type (a Satire) and is currently the managing editor of SmokeLong Quarterly. Originally from Tennessee, he now lives somewhere in Europe. Find him online at www.imustbeoff.com.

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Matter Press recently released its newest title, Christopher Allen’s Other Household Toxins. Click here.

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Pushcart Nominations

Matter Press for Compressed Creative Arts is proud to announce the following Pushcart nominations for the Best of Small Fictions 2017:

“Everything We Had”
by Christopher Allen
520 words
Published July 2016

“Ladybug Apocalypse”
by Nancy Au
592 words
Published August 2016

by duncan barlow
600 words
Published August 2016

“Marital Amnesias”
by Jan Stout
600 words
Published May 2016

“Boy in a Boat”
by Julia Strayer
338 words
Published June 2016