by Dennis Mombauer

the wechat bubbles over xings and xangas
snapfish migrate appstream
qqs waddle along the riverside
stumbleupon myspaces and foursquares
caretwos buzznet over reeds
a telegram glides gently over the canopy
a whatsapp bings in the distance
facebooks post and note, looking for feed
a flock of skypes burble their song
instagrams rustle with colorful wings
tweeting everywhere, a yahoo in the distance
two googles are hanging out
a tumblr renrens over the forest floor
vibers behind him with pointed flixsters
snapchat! snapchat! it sounds in the bushes
pinterests rise up from the trees
a flickr, a reddit, a flash of youtubes
only the linkedin seems undisturbed
tagged proudly on a branch
tangled in vines


Dennis Mombauer currently lives in Colombo as a freelance writer of fiction, textual experiments, & essays on climate change & education. Co-publisher of “Die Novelle Magazine for Experimentalism”. Publications in various magazines & anthologies. German novel publication “Das Maskenhandwerk” (The Mask Trade) with AAVAA press in 2017. Homepage: www.dennismombauer.com | Twitter: @DMombauer


What surprising, fascinating stuff can you tell us about the origin, drafting, and/or final version of “APPSTREAM FOREST SONG”?

Delving into social media is like entering a forest of voices. The poem started with me thinking about Twitter’s icon and imagery, which is a songbird chirping away at other songbirds. I wanted to see how robust this metaphor would turn out if I include other social media apps and give them the attributes of forest animals. I believe it works quite well, because this is what social media has become: a virtual environment indistinguishable from nature. In short: I started with Twitter and worked my way through the most popular social media apps, all the while attempting to visualize them as if they were part of nature.


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