Wild Life

Our first title, Kathy Fish‘s Wild Life. Kathy Fish has work available at Rose Metal Press and forthcoming from Cow Heavy Books.

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“Keep this book on your bedside table. Dog-ear it until all the pages are folded. Read it in the bath, teach it, store it in your bag, recite it on street corners. When people stop to ask you what you are doing, tell them that you are reading aloud from a collection by the best flash fiction writer in America.” ~ Amelia Gray, Author of AM/PM and Museum of The Weird
“People often say the purpose of flash fiction is to shine a spotlight, to illuminate, to light up our lives, a flash of insight. This to me has always seemed a dull reason to do anything, much less write or read flash fiction. And I think Kathy Fish proves the point, here in this book. Who cares what she may teach us, in flashes of blinding light or otherwise, in these stories so carefully built, so wonderfully turned of phrase. What Kathy does is expose us not to insight but to mystery. She puts us in the middle of these worlds she’s made and says, Look what I’ve seen. And then when we do, when we come to these stories’ ends, we shudder with confusion and love.” ~ Joseph Young, Author of Easter Rabbit and Name
Some recent talk about Wild Life:
Flash Fiction Writer Kathy Fish's Wild Life

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Pushcart Nominations

Matter Press for Compressed Creative Arts is proud to announce the following Pushcart nominations for the Best of Small Fictions 2017:

“Everything We Had”
by Christopher Allen
520 words
Published July 2016

“Ladybug Apocalypse”
by Nancy Au
592 words
Published August 2016

by duncan barlow
600 words
Published August 2016

“Marital Amnesias”
by Jan Stout
600 words
Published May 2016

“Boy in a Boat”
by Julia Strayer
338 words
Published June 2016