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A collection of spirited flash fiction

by Avital Gad-Cykman
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“I’ve twice featured Avital in anthologies I’ve edited. I love her work and couldn’t be more excited for this book.”

Stephen Elliott, author of Happy Baby and six other books, the founder and current Editor-in-Chief of the online literary magazine The Rumpus and a film director.

About “Fire. Water.” from Life In, Life Out

“Your story seemed to us a perfect flash: ordinary, realistic strife, nearing disaster, at the same time opening to even more, of an archetypal or planetary depth or scale … It’s amazing what the story does in such a short space.”

Robert Shapard, editor of W.W. Norton Flash Fiction Anthology along with Chris Merrill and James Thomas, a former managing editor of Western Humanities Review, and the editor of a number of short-short story and flash fiction anthologies.

Life In Life Out


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Pushcart Nominations

Matter Press for Compressed Creative Arts is proud to announce the following Pushcart nominations for the Best of Small Fictions 2017:

“Everything We Had”
by Christopher Allen
520 words
Published July 2016

“Ladybug Apocalypse”
by Nancy Au
592 words
Published August 2016

by duncan barlow
600 words
Published August 2016

“Marital Amnesias”
by Jan Stout
600 words
Published May 2016

“Boy in a Boat”
by Julia Strayer
338 words
Published June 2016