Life In, Life Out

Life In Life Out PressA collection of spirited flash fiction

by Avital Gad-Cykman
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“I’ve twice featured Avital in anthologies I’ve edited. I love her work and couldn’t be more excited for this book.”

Stephen Elliott, author of Happy Baby and six other books, the founder and current Editor-in-Chief of the online literary magazine The Rumpus and a film director.


About “Fire. Water.” from Life In, Life Out

“Your story seemed to us a perfect flash: ordinary, realistic strife, nearing disaster, at the same time opening to even more, of an archetypal or planetary depth or scale … It’s amazing what the story does in such a short space.”

Robert Shapard, editor of W.W. Norton Flash Fiction Anthology along with Chris Merrill and James Thomas, a former managing editor of Western Humanities Review, and the editor of a number of short-short story and flash fiction anthologies.


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Life In Life Out