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The Night Driver (after Calvino)

by Joe Kapitan

Every night driver burns, aflame with a need that sends them speeding down vectors of pavement split into two lanes, (more…)

Sunday Drive

by Joe Kapitan

Eastbound on Route 422, between SOM Center Road and 306, is where all the leavers go to do their leaving. (more…)

Important Tips on Designing Your Dream House

by Joe Kapitan

A large house is defined as a dwelling of at least 3,500 square feet in area. Large houses allow members of a single family to find adequate solitary space while simultaneously occupying the house. In a large house, you can hear muffled voices, footfalls, generalized emotional sounds (i.e. laughing versus crying), enough to feel “together,” yet the spaces are far enough apart that individual family members can come and go with no further interaction or specifics. Fact: seventy-nine percent of the houses built in the United States since 1990 can be classified as large houses.