Between Camelots

by Julie Benesh




Julie lives in Chicago with two cats, lots of books, and her long-term, multi-distant sweetheart Roman. She has an MFA in fiction from Warren Wilson College a PhD in human and organizational systems, and day jobs as a full-time professor and part-time management consultant.


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I have long been lulled by the incantation of book titles. While I was quarantined (with them) their gentle murmurs segued into urgent, insistent chants and shouts. The titles were both the exo-skeleton that sheltered all the nuanced inner workings holding all the processes together and calls and responses not just to me, but to one another. While I had “written” (found? discovered? sculpted? hosted?) several of these book spine narratives, on various themes, some shared photographically and others as prose poems, a triptych seemed like the best means yet of honoring the original creators without whom these voices would not be heard, let alone converse together.


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