Green Haze

by Sherri Ellerman

[Click on triptych to full it full-size.]

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Sherri Ellerman is an Occupational Therapist who spends her free time writing. She has had flash fiction stories published in River and South Review, Estuary, and 50-Word Story. Her article, “Five Steps to Consider in Romance Fiction”, was published at “Write Well, Write to Sell”, and her essay and podcast titled, “One”, was featured at “This I Believe”. She is the flash fiction editor for Liquid Imagination, a literary magazine.

How would you describe your triptych experience?

    I was unfamiliar with the triptych until very recently. I have always read more into stories than just the literal meaning of the words. I see things that others may not and insert meaning where there is none. For this reason, I enjoyed picking apart a piece of my writing to this extent. Not only that, but I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the triptych’s by other authors. I will be putting more of my writings into this form.
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