Love, Transcription (3 of 5)

by Maureen Alsop

Author’s Note: The images correspond with poems (prewritten, for example in relation to the featured poem “Love, Transcription”). One image “Whilst I am Working Do Not Disturb” was a found text conceived in an office of cubicles by a co-worker, John White.

The collection as a whole contends with insolvency, disintegration, a recalibration toward:

Ambled, open architecture, this was Human evidence, or admonition.

First, the body’s landscape:

            Q: Up-close?
            A: Longing.

            Q: Or by distance?
            A: Static circuitry, sun upon sea.

            A: Irrevocable thinning of hunger.
            A: Invisible grass.
            A: Lips—what your mouth recites, the dead.

[Editor’s Note: Matter Press will be publishing five (5) images/text that are part of the Love, Transcription series, one a week, for five weeks. 3 of 5.]

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Love Transcription 3

Maureen Alsop, Ph.D. is the author of three full collections of poetry including Mantic, Apparition Wren, Mirror Inside Coffin (forthcoming). Her visual poetics have appeared in Superstition Review, Drunken Boat and Snakeskin Review. Her poems have appeared widely in a variety of journals including New Delta Review, Typo, and Barrow Street. Her recent awards include the Tony Quagliano International Poetry Prize.

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