Go Figure

by Sarah Sarai

My head is a goldfish bowl,
no problem,
must be filled with water and stocked
so I live a life of interest.
With 360+
reference points
coming     going     rushing by
I do.
Erectness’s a plus.
Who needs sleep?
Perfect posture’s compensation.
Goldfish flit
in a solution of depth.
With water as the brain mostly
I intellect steamers,
ebb/flow     good tidings     daylong.
I am Queen of my castle,
dipping pink-fingers
into murky me.

Sarah Sarai is a water baby, an Aquarian, a floater. Her poems have swum through the pages of POOL Poetry, Boston Review, Lavender, Pank, and other journals. Her collection promises The Future Is Happy, though it lives in the moment. She writes poetry and fiction. Visit My 3,000 Loving Arms, within which you will find links and underwater goggles.

Compression Statement: A goldfish is not a basking shark nor is it a whale shark. It is a small and tender creature, and golden, and peers through aquatic wonders to see you. It says Hi. Like this poem. Hi!

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