bear fur (factories)

by Brandi Wells

in bear fur factories everything is luxurious, plush. evening gowned workers in high heels and satin gloves. a posh lounge, serving miniature hors d’oeuvres. amuse bouche, the supervisor calls it. the supervisor requires everyone to eat an amuse bouche at the start of their shift. builds strong bones, the supervisor says, prevents dental cancer. aids in the promotion of a super sperm that will produce a super worker capable of eating more amuse bouches. how many amuse bouches? a worker asks. the supervisor pulls out the fanciest rug and everyone takes off their shoes. i knew you were going to ask that, the supervisor says.

Brandi Wells is Managing Editor of The Black Warrior Review and Web Editor at Hobart. She is the author of Please Don’t Be upset (Tiny Hardcore Press) and Poisonhorse (Nephew, An imprint of Mudluscious Press). Her writing can be found in Salamander, Mid-American Review, Gargoyle, 14 Hills, Forklift, Ohio and many other journals.

From where did you get the idea for this wonderful piece? I’ve been writing prose poems about bears this summer. Because I like bears. There should be more animal poetry. It is hard to fuck up a poem about bears. Also, I’m not certain what I’m writing is a poem, but I’m calling it a poem, because it’s left-right justified and has no capital letters.

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