Landscape Liquor

(for Rick Mullin)

Start with water, Canada geese, and half-moons.
Stir a breeze, no make it a wind, and thirsty.
Ring with hills. This recipe calls for ashes,
ash trees, and cherries.

— Mary Meriam

Mary Meriam’s poems are published in Literary Imagination, The New York Times, The Gay & Lesbian Review, American Life in Poetry, Measure, Sentence, Think, Light, many other journals, and several anthologies. She is the author of two poetry chapbooks, The Countess of Flatbroke and The Poet’s Zodiac; the editor of Lavender Review; and a blogger at Ms. Magazine.

This poem has a dedication as part of it. What is the challenge of writing the “dedicated” poem and how, if at all, is that process different than writing the non-dedicated poem?

    It seems difficult at first, but ultimately refreshing to step outside the usual inward-looking of poem-writing, and ponder another life, like an artist drawing from life. The mind wanders through memories of the person, Rick’s brilliant poems, paintings, books, posts, photos, videos, emails. The heart remembers his friendship, and it’s smooth sailing from there.
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