Healing Visions


“Boscov’s photographs showcase the beauty and wonders of the world and life in general, embodying the resilient nature of the human spirit. The contributing authors do a splendid job of adding layers to the ethereal quality of the pictures, each distinct from the other and bringing something of their own to the colorful and vibrant narrative. A must-read for anyone looking to begin their healing journey.” — Pikasha Deka, Reader’s Favorites, 5 Stars


Healing Visions is one of the most beautiful collections of words and images that I have ever read or seen. With each one, my admiration for Meg Boscov’s skills increased. The 52 accompanying texts are equally fabulous. I recommend this work to people who need to be uplifted and appreciate the beauty of images from an outstanding photographer.” — 5 Stars, Astrid Iustulin

“The work is incredible. Overall, [Healing Visions] is a great read for a great cause with proceeds going to select women’s charities.” — 5 Stars, Asher Syed, Readers’ Favorite

“I love being a woman. I love women. I love anything that lifts women up, gives women hope, and lets women know that there are other women who think, feel, and experience what we do. It will come as no surprise then when I say that I love Healing Visions. Healing Visions is truly a work of art. Very highly recommended.” — 5 Stars, Jamie Michele, Readers’ Favorite

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