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4. a particular kind of substance

In this fourth look at the various definitions of matter, I encounter this one:

a particular kind of substance: coloring matter

I like the  particular here. An editor of a journal nicely called my writing flash fiction “a particular talent.” It is a particular kind of writing, and figuring out the particulars is part of the fun of writing in any form, included compressed ones. (more…)

3. matter: occupies space

This is the third in a series. Previous posts looked at matter as the substance and matter as physical substance. This third definition of matter says, perhaps, that something matters because it has the ability to occupy space. (more…)

2. matter: physical substance

Part 2 of a series that looks at the various definitions of matter from and how they might apply to compressed creative arts. (more…)

1. matter: the substance

Out of its singular mission to expand the world of compressed creative arts, Matter Press & Journal has burst into existence. Part of its ongoing mission is to explore how these (very) tiny forms can matter, not so much by defining them, but instead by putting them into action. (more…)