Journal of Compressed Arts Offering Paid Position as a “Final” Reader

Matter Press for Compressed Creative Arts is looking for a person to make some final decisions regarding a number of poetry, CNF, and fiction submissions during the two three month open reading periods for its Journal of Compressed Creative Arts. You’d be paid a whopping $250 per reading period. Interested? Send a letter of interest and relevant bio to matterpress@comcast.net. Questions? Send those, too.


Specifically, you’d be sent work that has gone through a first round and needs a final “yes” or “no.” Some work will be given a “yes” before you receive it, so you won’t be deciding ALL the work that will be published, and you of course will not have to read all the submissions, just a very small portion of them. The person does need to feel experienced and comfortable with making such decisions on work that is compressed and from a wide variety of genres: poetry, prose poetry, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction.